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MANY SCHOLARS BELEIVE THAT THE MANGARS WERE KNOWN AS ‘BRIJIS, LICCHIVIS, KAVIS, MEDES FOR MANY HUNDREDS OF YEARS, BEFORE ARRIVING TO THE TERM” MANGARS’.TODAY. AND ACCORDING TO THE EMINENT SCHOLAR -IMAN SINGH CHEMJONG, - THE TERM ‘ MANGAR ‘, HAS BEEN DERIVED FROM THE WORD ’ Mong-’ meannig ‘Mongol’ &  ARUI-MEANING – descendents, so collectively  the term ‘Mangar’, can be taken as –‘ Descendents of the Mongols.’And According to S.C Das, the MANGARS  are the descendents  of the ‘ Mongku’ tribe of the Mongols residing in some areas of Central Asia. ORGIN:  On the basis of the reference from the KIRAT MUNDUM or KIRAT CHORONOLOGY-the root oF origin of the Mangars  has been traced to a place North of the Himalayas called ‘SHIN’, Probablyin the Pamir mountain in Central Asia.

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